Become an Ambassador for Langdon’s 30th anniversary campaign

18th & 19th September 2022

For just 36 hours, starting at 10am on Sunday 18th September, we will be running an online crowd-funder, aiming to raise as much of our voluntary income target as possible.

We are looking for campaign Ambassadors to take a fundraising page on our campaign website. A link will be set up for you to send out to as many family members, friends, and contacts as possible in the 36 hours, asking them to donate to help reach our campaign target.

Being an Ambassador couldn’t be simpler: all you have to do is register, below, and we will then guide you every step of the way. You can send the link to your page out to your contacts at any time in the 36 hours and however you prefer: by email, text, WhatsApp, Broadcast or Facebook.

For more information or to discuss anything further, please contact Nicole Peppi on 07377 416 472 or email

Or to download our FAQs, please click here.

You might want to share why Langdon is important to you/why you want people to support the campaign.
WhatsApp group
Langdon would like you to be part of the Ambassadors WhatsApp Group so we can communicate with you for the duration of the campaign. The Group and all numbers will be deleted after the campaign has ended. Please tick the box if you consent.
Video or photo