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Supported living

‘Living independently is important to me because I can be like my friends who don’t have a disability’

– Robyn, Langdon member

Empowering our people

Independent lives need independent homes. Langdon currently manages 64 flats and shared houses in the heart of London and Manchester’s Jewish communities, providing adapted, accessible Jewish homes for 95 members.

Langdon flats and houses are all highly personalised to suit the needs of the people living there. Properties are kitted out with adapted bathrooms and kosher kitchens and some have round-the-clock live-in carers.

In addition to practical care and dealing with housing benefit, Langdon helps out emotionally too. We understand that leaving home can be an anxious time, especially for families of a young person with learning disabilities. We support our members and their families through the challenge of adjusting to such a big life change. Parents and members plan the move together with a Langdon support worker who’s there for them every step of the way.

More than just a service

Of course, we do more than just put a roof over our Members’ heads. Our team can lend a hand whenever it’s needed – change light bulbs or unblock a sink – providing all the support Members need to live independently. Members personalise their rooms and come and go as they please. They cook, socialise and host Shabbat dinners together, just as any young Jewish person would do in their own home.

‘I’ve lived by myself for almost 10 years now. Some things about living on my own are harder. I don’t like being alone or taking the bin out, or cleaning the floor.

I share a house with three housemates. I like living with them. We play football in the garden and watch TV together. I enjoy cooking and eating my favourite meal – eggs on toast with mushrooms.

I really like living by myself and being independent.’

– Hadley, Langdon member

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