A community with a strong Jewish ethos.


Livingness within our Jewish programme is about empowering each of our Members to practise Judaism however they choose. Members come from different religious backgrounds, and our programme reflects that.

Each Jewish festival has an easy read guide, Members are supported to keep kosher, host Shabbat lunches, and throw Purim parties. No matter how observant our Members are, Langdon provides something for everyone.

Every year, staff prepare a Rosh Hashanah meal for those Members unable to be with their family. Friday night dinners are a regular occurrence in Members’ homes where Members are encouraged to help in the preparation and show their community spirit within the larger Langdon community.

There are also plenty of events that encourage members to perform tzedakah. Langdon host Mitzvah Day events where members bake food, collect toiletries and write cards for other charities.

Through our ethos of Livingness, Members are given the opportunity to practise their religion and be an active Member of the Jewish community.

Here are our Members enjoying a mock seder: