People with learning disabilities often face challenges when it comes to getting and keeping a job. At Langdon, we believe everyone has the right to work.

Pathways into employment

Thanks to the generous funding from Wohl Legacy, our vision for expanding our employment provision further has become a reality with the establishment of The Wohl Employability Programme for Adults with Learning Disabilities – a London-based service providing specialised support pre-employment, in employment and a pathway for skills education, training and opportunities into paid or voluntary roles.

People with learning disabilities often face challenges when it comes to getting and keeping a job. At Langdon, we believe everyone has the right to work.

The Wohl Employability Programme supports people with learning disabilities and autism in the following ways:

Being at Langdon has given me job opportunities. I now have a job working with data and numbers at a property development company and also work at New Chapters which I really enjoy because I make new friends and learn new things.

– Jamie, Langdon Member who works for a property development company and at New Chapters

We are looking for people who are:

  • Motivated to find paid employment or voluntary work
  • Committed to the Wohl Employability Programme
  • Of working age (18 to State Pension age)
  • Identified as having a learning disability, difficulty and/or autism

For more information please contact 020 8731 2195 or email weh@langdonuk.org

To refer yourself or someone else to the Wohl Employability Programme, please complete one of the forms below:

For more information, please contact: weh@langdonuk.org

For more information, please contact our Wohl Employability team who support people with learning disabilities and autism.

Courtney Wright

Commercial Enterprise and Employment Skills Manager

Email me
07377 417620

Not just a job…

…this is Livingness which is not wholly exclusive to our Members. In fact, employers are regularly bowled over by the positive impact our Members have on their organisation as they are reliable and effective workers with abilities that are highly beneficial and rewarding to the business.

It’s no coincidence that our placements work out so well. Central to our Members’ success is that Langdon strives to find people jobs that meet their aspirations. Be that a passion for fashion or wanting to work with children or animals, we help them find more than just a job that pays them. By placing people in the right role, Livingness ensures they also enjoy their jobs, which is necessary for the wellbeing and happiness of our Members. It also will greatly impact their level of life skills and the ability to live an independent life.


We were very unsure if we were equipped enough to deal with a neurodiverse employee or whether we had appropriate work to offer but our concerns were soon put to rest. Langdon’s employment team reassured us that they would be there by our side as well as by the employees and would help us both through the recruitment and onboarding process and were true to their word. It goes without saying that everyone is different but employing someone with neurodiversity has enriched our lives and shown us what a huge benefit it has been to us personally and to Grunberg & Co. They have been quite simply the model employee.

– Sara Dorey Associate Director, HR & Office
Grunberg & Co
Chartered Accountants

Employing a Langdon Member will have a hugely positive impact on your employees because it will bring them together to look out for someone other than themselves. My staff genuinely care for the Members we take on: they keep them busy, but also make sure they eat well and pick them up if they’re down. When I took on a Member, I thought I was doing Langdon a favour, but Langdon has done me a favour as I watch Members develop into independent adults, go on their journey of discovery and uncover talents that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

– Warren Dagul
Impex Lighting
Bespoke Home Decorative Lighting

We are always looking for new employers to help enable our Members to have the same opportunities as their peers, to develop their professional skills, experience the satisfaction that comes from a job that they enjoy, and to have some form of financial independence.