‘Working is important to me as it gives me a sense of purpose’

– Simon, Langdon member

Empowering our people

People with learning disabilities often face challenges when it comes to getting and keeping a job. At Langdon, we believe everyone has the right to work.

We want our Members to have the same opportunities as their peers; to develop their professional skills, experience the satisfaction that comes from a job that they enjoy, and to have some form of financial independence.

Langdon Members work in a wide range of sectors including property, accountancy, catering, and retail. In fact, 50% of our Members are in paid work, with 20% earning enough to pay their own way and come off employment benefits.

Our employment team helps Members look for job vacancies, fill in application forms and prepare for interviews. Both employer and employee have a support coordinator who regularly monitors performance.

More than just a service

Livingness is not wholly exclusive to our Members. In fact, employers are regularly bowled over by the positive impact our Members have on their organisation as they are reliable and effective workers with abilities that are highly beneficial and rewarding to the business.

It’s no coincidence that our placements work out so well. Central to our Members’ success is that Langdon strives to find people jobs that meet their aspirations. Be that a passion for fashion or wanting to work with children or animals, we help them find more than just a job that pays them. By placing people in the right role, Livingness ensures they also enjoy their jobs, which is necessary for the wellbeing and happiness of our Members. It also will greatly impact their level of life skills and the ability to live an independent life.

I’ve worked at OGR Stock Denton, a law firm in Finchley for three years. I do different things. I work in accounts, do filing, help out in reception and look after the stationery. That’s the job I’m best at – I know where everything goes and always know when we’re short on stock. Eventually, I want to do computer work.

At first, I found paid work difficult. I can’t spell, and I’m not good at making coffee. I get worried about spilling it.

Langdon has given me my independence. Of course, I still get nervous trying new things. But now, I just take a deep breath and do it.’

– Marcus, Langdon Member

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