A gift in your Will will help enable Livingness for our Members

Once you have taken care of those you care about, you may wish to leave a gift in your Will to Langdon.

Although we receive statutory funding towards some of our services, nearly 20% of the costs of running vital Langdon services comes from voluntary donations. Including a gift in your Will is one of the ways you can ensure that we can continue to run, expand and improve our services: supported living, social care, our specialist college, youth and employment services for Jewish people with learning disabilities and autism.

Whenever you are ready to think about making or updating your Will, leaving a gift to Langdon is simple. All you need is our name and our registered charity number: ‘The Langdon Foundation, Registered Charity No. 1142742’.

A gift in your Will can be any amount of your choosing, a specific item or a gift from your residuary Estate. A gift of 1% from your residuary Estate would make a real difference to the people we support.

‘The ability to be able to learn skills that I can use to better my own life.’

– That’s Livingness for Isobel.

You do not need to tell us about your plans. If you would like to have an informal chat about leaving a gift in your Will to Langdon please contact MelanieDiamond@langdonuk.org

Jewish Legacy is a cross-communal initiative made up of 43 Jewish charities, to pool resources and help spread awareness of the importance of legacy giving.

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