‘I have friends and I have jobs, I’m very proud of myself.’

– William, Langdon member

Empowering people

Central to Langdon’s unique ‘Livingness’ approach is supporting our Members to be an active part of Langdon and the wider community.

Through organised social activities Langdon helps to develop independence, grow confidence, and form lasting friendships – all in a welcoming Jewish environment.

Members, aged 20 upwards, enjoy a fantastic range of regular activities including coffee meet ups, Laser Quest, pub nights, boxing, football, and baking. There are activities to choose from nearly every night of the week.

Langdon also organises accessible holidays in the UK and Spain as well as two cruises. For many Members, these holidays are the first time away from their families, providing a unique opportunity for Members to spend time with friends and to learn to deal with, and enjoy, new experiences that further their personal development.

More than just a service

It is essential that Langdon Members are able to shape the services they use. That’s why in 2018 the Langdon One Voice Committee was launched. Made up of five elected Members, they take turns to chair their own meetings, help plan the monthly activities programme and set the agenda of Langdon’s monthly community meeting, which nearly all Members attend.

Our community meetings are also an opportunity to educate Members on issues that affect them, such as Internet safety and being streetwise.


Anxiety is a common problem for young people with learning disabilities; treating each person as an individual takes time and patience. Often the biggest hurdle is simply persuading a Member to interact with their peers.

Our skilled support staff work closely with each Member according to their needs – perhaps accompanying them to just one activity they like the sound of, then encouraging them along regularly until they have the confidence to join in by themselves.

Livingness for our support staff is being able to witness friendships developing as the barriers come down and to see the transformation in the lives of our Members and their families.

Jewish identity

We particularly encourage Members to express their Jewish identity in a way that’s meaningful to them. Members regularly host Shabbat in their own homes. They are supported by Langdon staff and carers who help them with cooking and getting the house ready. This is another great example of Livingness as Members feel more engaged in the community and take pride in being able welcome their own families into their home.

Maccabi House

Maccabi House is Langdon’s drop-in community centre, which opened Spring 2012. Ideally located in Edgware, at the heart of Langdon’s London housing network, it is easily accessible and a safe space for our Members to meet people.

Designed to be the social hub for our Members and their friends, Maccabi House is also home to the majority of Langdon’s Activity Programme.

‘I’ve been part of the Langdon community for 11 years. I live on my own in Prestwich, in Langdon supported housing. In the morning, I get myself up and get the bus and tram to Bury where I work as a receptionist. I enjoy going to the big Shabbat lunch where I see my friends and college members. It brings everyone together.I also like going to the gym and seeing my friends. Without Langdon, I’d struggle with money. It’s hard finding a job that I don’t want to leave. Langdon brings everyone together. Thanks to Langdon I’ve got good friends and have the best life.’

– Kate, Langdon Member

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