Our mission

Our aspiration is to create a community in which Jewish young people and adults with learning disabilities or with autistic spectrum disorders thrive and have equal opportunities to live the lives they choose.

What we do

We provide environments, physical, social and spiritual, that are fit for purpose, warm and welcoming; create accessible educational and employment opportunities in which our members can flourish; nurture enterprise and innovation to empower our members to achieve their ambitions and to focus on their abilities.

We encourage and support our members to have a fulfilled social life and participate and be active within the wider community.

We enable the families of our members to live their lives knowing that their children have a future full of potential with Langdon by their side every step of the way.

We facilitate collaborative partnerships between members, their families, and other stakeholders so that people with learning disabilities or with autistic spectrum disorders can lead independent and fulfilled lives.

Our values


We do not accept the acceptable and constantly strive to be the best in everything we do by going the extra mile, paying attention to the small things and giving 100% effort and commitment every day.

  • We provide the highest quality personalised service to our members, their families and donors
  • We are ambitious, innovative and passionate about the services we deliver
  • We celebrate success and encourage achievement
  • We embrace complaints and learn from our mistakes
  • We are professional in our conduct at all times


We positively challenge when we are right and when we are not right and are adaptable in a changing world so that we continue to grow and deliver our mission.

  • We are receptive to the changing needs of our members and responsive to crises
  • We are timely in our responses
  • We actively listen and value all our stakeholders’ opinions
  • We welcome new ideas and find solutions that work for each person
  • We are courageous and challenge assumptions and prejudice


We are honest, open and fair in everything we do and deliver on our promises. (Trusted advisor)

  • We do what we say we will do and take responsibility for our actions
  • We are candid and courageous when faced with challenging situations
  • We hold ourselves accountable to the standards we set ourselves
  • We are non-discriminatory and non-judgemental
  • We are honourable to each other


We treat others how we would like to be treated with respect and kindness. (Put others first)

  • We treat everyone, including families with dignity and respect.
  • We place people’s safety at the heart of everything we do
  • We respect people’s individuality
  • We do unto others what we expect for ourselves
  • We are empathetic and compassionate towards all we come into contact with every day


We encourage our people to believe in their own ability and potential.

  • We enable people to take risks
  • We nurture and develop the potential and self-esteem of every individual
  • We create opportunities for everyone to learn
  • We enable people to be in control of their lives and subscribe to the concept of “no decision about me, without me”
  • We develop a culture in which none of us alone is as good as all of us together