Our specialist team of professional teachers and support staff offer tailored education packages and programmes to meet individual needs and abilities. With a wide range of courses and support, we can help our members to attain nationally recognised qualifications, as well as crucial lifestyle skills for more independent living, to help grow their confidence and help them make new friends.

We have residential and day provision available with sites in London and Manchester.

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Leisure & Social Development

Langdon College’s leisure and social development programmes are an important feature of college life; developing students’ self-confidence and encouraging them to build friendships. Students are able to enjoy a variety of sporting activities including football, swimming, table tennis, pool and gym sessions.

Other popular activities include visits to the cinema, local restaurants, exhibitions, theatre. Students regularly attend the local synagogues and play an active part in communal activities.

At college I have studied ICT, literacy, numeracy, and health and fitness. I like my swimming lesson the best.

Kate – Langdon member

Education, Training & Work

Langdon College is committed to offering students an inclusive, multifaceted extended curriculum that provides access to a range of nationally recognised qualifications. These include independent living skills, social and leisure development opportunities, work experience and vocational training, all designed to meet the individual’s needs.

Students can attend employment skills sessions and have access to information and careers advice enabling informed choices to be made about a student’s future placement or employment prospects.

The College’s Karten Centre programme offers students the opportunity to develop a range of business and employment-related skills, which is further enhanced by the many external work placements provided by local businesses.

The OCR’s Life and Living Skills is followed by the majority of students. Where applicable and appropriate, students are actively encouraged to strive for national vocational qualifications (NVQs) in subjects such as Catering, Travel & Tourism, Child Care and Business Administration.

Personal social health and citizenship education includes behaviour management and improvement, advocacy, interpersonal relationships, citizenship, and community skills. In addition, we offer subjects such as Drama, Dance, Music, Gardening, Art and Craft, Health and Beauty Therapy.

We also place great emphasis on sport recreation and leisure, essential to the practical and cognitive development of our students. Students have the option of participating in The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at Bronze and Silver level to develop these skills further.

Independent Living Skills focuses on Personal Hygiene/Care and Household Domestic Skills, which includes food preparation, cooking, food hygiene and safety in the house, the general use of public transport, community amenities, and personal finance.

Langdon College Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Safeguarding Statement

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