Langdon Brady Club: Variety (Sundays) - Langdon

Langdon Brady Club: Variety (Sundays)

Langdon Brady Club: Variety (Sundays)

We politely request that you complete the sign up form, prior to booking. Thank you.

Langdon Brady Club is a youth group for Jewish people who face difficulties learning and socializing.

We meet in the safe setting of our community centre in Edgware on Sundays between 3 and 6 pm. Members take part in different activities which help them to have fun and practice socializing. Activities range from arts and crafts to sports, music, dance, drama and cooking among others. Members will have full access to our resources and can direct their own time (under supervision) if none of our activities that day interest them.

Langdon Brady Club: Variety is suitable for ages 9+. The club has an open drop off/pick up policy, which means that Members can attend for any period of time that they wish within the club’s 3 hour period.

Places are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: the actual costs of the Club are significantly higher than what we charge. Please consider making a donation to Langdon Brady by contacting Joel, Youth Service Manager, 


28 Aug 2022 - 04 Dec 2022


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm