Annual Dinner 2019 - Langdon

Annual Dinner 2019

Annual Dinner 2019

Three of our members, Billie, James & Charlotte spoke movingly about their own experiences in Langdon, and the challenges they have faced in their lifetime. Charlotte called on guests to support Langdon to be other people’s “life changer” in the way they were for her.

A strong and heartfelt appeal was given by Darren and Jodi Tish whose brother, Marc, is a Langdon member, “Whilst we are always here for Marc whenever he needs us, we know Marc has an almost extended family in Langdon who will care for him for life. It’s this partnership between our family and Langdon that gives us so much confidence for Marc’s future.”

This year was CEO Neil Taylor’s first Annual Dinner. “I did not know what to expect from the event but it exceeded all my expectations. The sense of family and the sense of community was palpable with the Langdon member’s achievements the real focus of everyone’s attention. The tremendous support our donors have given us will go a long way to generating the £1.3 million we have to raise this year, over and above the public funding we receive, to make a difference to our members’ and their families’ lives”.

Over £520,000 was raised, which will go towards continuing Langdon’s important work of supporting Jewish people with learning disabilities to live independently.


14 May 2019


Marriot, Grosvenor Square