Please watch this very important and personal message from Langdon’s Chair, Nigel Henry

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Langdon is taking a proactive, holistic approach in how we handle the coronavirus outbreak. The health of our members, staff, volunteers, and families is our top priority when making decisions around our services. We are working across the organisation and doing all we can to minimise the risk of infection for all.

Our care service is looking carefully at ways we can deal with the potential outcomes of coronavirus in terms of our members and staff. This includes collaborating with other care providers and working with local authorities and families to ensure we have adequate staff to support members. We’ve been keeping up to date with guidance from the government and the NHS and implementing it with staff and members where relevant. Our staff have been advised to call 111 if they’re unwell, and follow their guidance on whether or not they should work.

Due to lockdown, we have also closed our Centennial Park, Rectory Lane, and Maccabi House offices as the staff in those locations can work from home, staff can be contacted in the usual way.


It’s important that we keep members in the loop about coronavirus in a rational but informative way. We are taking a different approach with each member based on their personal needs and capacity of understanding. Langdon is also ensuring members are practising good hygiene. As we are now in lock down, it is essential that our members stay inside and abide by this government instruction and we ask that you support us to ensure this happens by reminding and encouraging your loved ones of why this is so important.

Our staff are completing risk assessments for every member and assessing all of our options in terms of providing the best level of support in a worst-case scenario. We are forward planning as much as possible.


Beyond Care, Langdon Directors and Board of Trustees made the decision to postpone the Langdon Annual Dinner due to take place on the 18th May. Whilst this may impact our cash flow in the short term, we are fortunate that our fundraised income comes from a variety of sources which do not involve large gatherings of people, and we do not anticipate this changing. In addition, we also anticipate, that our extremely generous and loyal supporter base, will come together in this challenging time, to help us support our members to the absolute best of our ability. We will be spending time over the next weeks and months, to rethink our fundraising strategy for the year, and mitigate against risk as much as possible.


We will continue to update you on all matters concerning Coronavirus and its impact on Langdon, please keep checking this page.

To donate to our Crisis Appeal, please click here