At Langdon, we understand that being part of the world of work – or volunteering – can hugely benefit an individual’s self-esteem, confidence and overall independence.

We want to shine a light on Marcus as he has a very active role within our employment program.

Read between the lines

People with learning disabilities often face significant obstacles when it comes to getting, and keeping a job. Yet, many of them, with the right skills, are very able to hold down a role.

Marcus volunteers at New Chapters, a Langdon business that sells second-hand books online. It has taught Marcus all the skills he needs about the workplace including the importance of punctuality, responsibility, hard work, and interacting with other members of the team.

Worth in the workplace

If working at New Chapters was not enough, Marcus also works 3 days a week at North London solicitors, OGR Stock Denton. His role includes helping to run the office smoothly and providing support for other members of the team.

Through the Langdon Employment Programme, Marcus has the same opportunities as his peers and can also get satisfaction from a good day’s work.