When Lizzi steps in into the room her smile always puts a smile on the faces of everyone else in the room.

Her energy, personality and passion make her a popular Member of the Langdon family.

Time for fun

Lizzi is a regular visitor to Langdon’s Brady Club which gives Jewish youth aged 9-19, with learning disabilities, the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and have fun.

Livingness for Lizzi is being able to become an active member of the group and to take a leadership role in helping to plan the program; to have her ideas listened to, and acted upon, in the running of the youth group.

Shared with friends

The Langdon Brady Club is much more than a social club to Lizzi. It’s a place where she, and other Members can learn to bake, paint, or get involved in sports as well as develop life skills and build confidence.

As a regular and active visitor to the club, Lizzi now has a strong network of friends and has not only developed meaningful relationships with these friends, but also with the support workers that helped build up her self-confidence in all aspects of her life.