The first thing you notice when you meet Hadley is his winning personality that constantly puts a smile on the face of other Members and the Langdon team.

An independent life

Through Langdon’s supported living programme, Hadley was able to find independence from his family and now lives in one of our supported living homes in Edgware with his friends.

Before Langdon, Hadley lacked basic day-to-skills such as how to make a cup of tea, or his own bed. Livingness for Hadley is now having the ability to live independently which has given him the confidence to help with the cleaning and the cooking, and to make himself his favourite brew whenever he likes. However, like the rest of us, he would still like someone else to make his bed!

Time with friends

Langdon offers a full programme of social activities which bring all of our Members together.

Hadley will often be seen joining in the singing, laughing with friends, or showing his prowess at bowling.

The ability to share these sort of everyday moments with other members ensures Hadley has time to laugh and smile just like the next person.