We all know the importance of a good work/life balance. This is no different for Langdon Members like Faith.

A helping hand

Faith has learning difficulties however she also has a natural affinity with small children. To take full advantage of her obvious talents, our employment and social programmes found Faith work within a North London nursery where she helps educate the children and develop their own skills.

The smiles are mutual between herself and the children. They adore her and enjoy the games that she plays with them, and Faith’s sense of pride is apparent as she helps the children to prepare for their own lives.

Friends are family

We strive to ensure all Members of Langdon feel like they are a part of one big family. This also involves social activities which bring our Members together and allows them to develop greater independence which helps them to live full lives.

With social events from quizzes to nights at bowling, Livingness for Faith is being able to be active in her community, which means she is often seen with a radiant smile and laughing with her friends.