We are thrilled to announce we reached and exceeded our target to raise over £800,000!

Langdon is celebrating being 30, together with its partners, support workers, volunteers, trustees, employers, and donors. It’s all of these partners who make Langdon’s work possible and enable its Members to live their best lives.

Langdon’s anniversary fundraising campaign ‘Together we are 30’ celebrated Members and Langdon’s work to support them, with the aim to raise as much as possible towards the £1.8 million of voluntary income that the charity needs annually to fund its services.

For 30 years, Langdon has helped Jewish adults and young people with learning disabilities and autism across the UK to live independent lives and enjoy the same opportunities as their peers. It supports Members across London and Manchester to follow their Jewish culture in whichever way they choose, while providing places to live, educational and employment opportunities, and offering a full programme of activities fostering an active community where they can socialise and have fun. Its aim is to ensure Members can be their best, true selves, which Langdon calls Livingness.

This has enabled Members such as Moishy to build close rapport over seven years with his long-term support worker Arnold, keeping a kosher home in Manchester and enjoying learning to use the computer at Langdon College, and 18-year-old Tova to flourish as she gains confidence and friends while taking part in activities at youth club Langdon Brady, with the help of volunteer Joe.

Tova’s mother Rachelle said: “She’s relaxed and comfortable coming here, and I as a mother feel safe, knowing that her needs will be attended to, that people will understand her and she’s also with peers.”

Trustee Paul’s sister Gabs has gained enormously from Langdon College in Manchester which she attended from the age of 16, setting her on a path to independence.

“That decision was probably one of the best decisions my parents made, and it’s transformed my sister’s life, it’s transformed theirs and the whole family’s because it’s set her on this road of independence and this life she wouldn’t have had,” said Paul. “From the college, my sister moved to the community in London and her independence just continues to increase.”

“Running a crowdfunding campaign so soon after the mini budget that destabilised the country no doubt has an effect on people’s ability to make charitable donations,” said Neil Taylor, Langdon’s Chief Executive. “Not only does the economic crisis impact social care charities such as Langdon from a local authority funding perspective, but also people’s ability to donate.

“It’s the voluntary income that funds everything that makes Langdon unique, from our ambitious activities programme and Jewish cultural programme, to our youth service Langdon Brady, our employment service, our social work provision, and our property refurbishment works.”

We are proud to announce that the online campaign raised over £800,000 which is an incredible achievement and we are so grateful to all our generous benefactors, ambassadors and donors for their support.

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