Please support our crowdfunder on Sunday 23rd October to Monday 24th October 2022

Come together to enable Livingness

Langdon helps hundreds of adults and young people with learning disabilities and autism across the UK to live independent lives. Our goal is to ensure that the people we support have the same opportunities as their peers.

We do this by providing our Members with places to live, as well as educational and employment opportunities, and by fostering an active community where they can socialise, have fun and practice their Judaism in a way that is meaningful to them. Our aim is to enable our Members to be their best, true selves.

We call this Livingness and for the last 30 years Langdon has been working together in partnership with families, support workers, educators, employers, volunteers, trustees and donors – all of whom share the focus of achieving Livingness for our Members.

Our 30th anniversary campaign

We can only exist together with our donors. Every year we need to raise at least £1.8 million in voluntary income to fund our services, and you can make a huge contribution by supporting our 2022 online fundraising campaign, ‘Together we are 30’, celebrating our Members, and our work to support them, in our 30th anniversary year.

For just 36 hours, starting at 10am on Sunday 23rd October, we will be aiming to raise as much of our voluntary income target as possible. We can all join together to help enable Livingness for hundreds of young people and adults with learning disabilities and autism, in the years to come.

Make a donation

As we reach our 30th year milestone, the money raised from this campaign will ensure Langdon can continue to support Members and their families, extend the range of life opportunities for our Members and give them greater choice and a voice on what they want to do and how they wish to live their lives.

With grateful thanks to our ‘Together we are 30’ Corporate Sponsors: