Gardening Project

The purpose of Langdon’s Gardening Project is to offer structured work experience to those not yet ready to undertake employment outside Langdon, as well as offering further work experience to those Langdon people who are ready to increase the number of weekly hours they work.

Another benefit of the project is the opportunity to place Langdon people who are between jobs, enabling us to keep busy those who are waiting for new placements or those finding it difficult to sustain external employment.

In the time the gardening project has been running, Langdon properties have improved in appearance, there been numerous successful harvests of fruit and vegetables and the group has been working closely with a local restaurant growing salad vegetables such as leek grass, pak choi, baby potatoes, plum tomatoes, beetroot, spring onions and cucumbers. Most recently, the team has planted a herb garden.

Many new and additional skills have been acquired by the group working on the project. As well as understanding the structure of going to work and importance of teamwork, these include the use of hand and power tools, painting & decorating, tending fruit and vegetables and animal husbandry. But the main aim of the project is to enable the Langdon people to be “work ready”, enabling placements with mainstream employers to be successful.

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Gardening Project