At College we use gardening as a vehicle to teach our students practical numeracy, literacy and communication skills, as well as the discipline and sense of responsibility needed in any workplace. Our students learn about recycling as well as how to tend a garden whilst growing a wide range of fruit vegetables and flowers. They get a great sense of satisfaction from completing the various projects they undertake throughout the year.

Music is a great way to develop our students’ self-confidence and give them the skills to form opinions and make decisions. Students have the opportunity to play a range of instruments as part of a group and give solo performances, often as part of our end of year Annual Day.

Health & Safety
Health and Safety is taught to all students who attend Langdon College. The course is taught in the first and third academic year as a set session whilst the learning is being embedded across the curriculum in all sessions each year.

The first year focuses on assessing risks in the college, home and community, giving the students the opportunity to create their own health and safety film, whilst the third year focuses on risks in the workplace.

Independent Living
All our students learn Independent Living Skills to empower them to become as independent as possible when in the home or participating in community activities. Students develop cooking, independent travel and domestic skills, which allow them to enjoy all that their own accommodation and the local community has to offer.

Duke of Edinburgh Award
Students have the opportunity to work towards Bronze and Silver awards in The Duke of Edinburgh scheme. This involves taking part in a wide range of activities that encourage self-sufficiency and initiative, increase physical fitness and develop new skills.

For example, to gain their Physical Recreation Award students have learnt to ski, developed golf skills at the driving range and experienced rock climbing and canal crossing. In the Skills Section, students have the chance to learn any new skill of their choice. For the Service element, students have taken part in sponsored events to raise money for charity. They are also required to complete a Stage 1 First Aid course.

These activities culminate in an expedition during which students learn how to pitch a tent, cook in the outdoors and develop orienteering skills.

Functioning skills
Sessions are designed to address the maths and English needs of students on learning programmes at levels from pre-entry up to and including level 2. Each student completes a rigorous assessment process to determine the key areas for development. These programmes range from discrete to embedded courses.

Drama at Langdon College is used to develop communication and interpersonal skills, confidence and social interaction by learning to dance, sing and act, working as part of a team or partnership. At the end of each year, students have the opportunity to showcase their skills in the college’s annual production.

Information and learning technology
Technology is an essential part of modern life and Langdon College equips students with these vital skills by teaching them how to use the latest equipment and software packages. Students have the opportunity to use video/digital cameras to create personalised CDs, complete projects using scanners, source images on the internet, create wall displays, listen to and interact with DVDs and CDs and study for accredited qualifications in this area.

English Speaking Board
English Speaking Board is an established and recognised qualification accredited at different examination levels allowing for the growth and success of each individual. Students learn to improve personal presentation along with facial expression and body language to develop verbal communication skills. Students grow in confidence, self advocacy and self awareness; improve skills for socialising with friends and the general public whilst researching information for individual projects. Students are required to create resources to add quality to a final presentation delivered to an examiner and class audience.

Community access
Getting out and about in the community, learning how to travel and access local amenities is one way in which students at Langdon College are encouraged to become as independent as possible. Students learn about bus routes, how to find out information, what they need when travelling, health and safety issues and venues in which to spend social time. Students’ research and experience selected routes and places of interest, such as the gym, cinema or theatre, with friends and staff.

Health and fitness
All students are encouraged to participate in Health & Fitness sessions, which enable them to enjoy team sports, as well as other indoor and outdoor activities.

Hebrew is offered as an option for students who are interested in learning the language for conversational purposes. We use modern learning techniques such as role-play and interactive CDs, as well as the more traditional approaches.

Shabbat preparation
Shabbat Preparation is a hands-on session where students can learn about preparing for Shabbat and the various Jewish Festivals. Several times a year we hold a communal Shabbat meal, which is prepared, cooked and served by students.

Karten Centre
Through the auspices of the Ian Karten Charitable Trust, the College operates a printing business centre consisting of a range of high quality hardware, software and assistive technology, used by the students to produce a range of products for sale on eBay or direct to customers. Students enjoy developing a range of business operations, management and production skills, in a supported environment, where they do real work for external and internal clients.

Work experience
Work experience is an integral part of the learning process at Langdon College. Work placements are carefully selected for the individual, meeting their needs and interests, as well as matching their vocational or practical skills. During placements, students develop essential work skills such as independent travel, social interaction and communication, literacy and numeracy, along with the skills necessary to be successful in a specific occupational area.