Shoshi and Edward first met at Langdon College in Manchester. They both have learning disabilities, which had made their experiences growing up and becoming independent very challenging.

They both developed in leaps and bounds at the College, and they also developed something else. As Shoshi puts it, “we took a fancy for each other”.

After a few months of dating, Edward plucked up the courage one day to go down on one knee, and asked Shoshi to marry him. Shoshi accepted immediately.

Langdon provided both practical and emotional support so that they could begin their lives as a married couple. Shoshi and Edward have now been married for four years, share a Langdon flat, and travel independently to work.

Shoshi’s mother, Amanda, says, “If you were to look at Shoshi and Edward you’d think, what’s wrong with them?

That is why we have launched our “invisible disabilities revealed” campaign.

Edward’s mother, Cherry, says, “Langdon has given Edward a life that we never could have imagined for him”.

See how Shoshi and Edward are drawing their own picture of their lives, watch their video.