Langdon & The Board of Deputies join together to empower Langdon members to understand election season

Posted on: May 15, 2017

Only 43% of the 1.3 million people in the UK with learning disabilities voted in the last general election. Langdon is campaigning to change this figure amongst its community, by empowering its members – Jewish people with learning disabilities – to understand and participate in this election season.

Gillian Merron, CEO of the Board of Deputies, addressed Langdon members at their monthly meeting. Gillian used her experience of representing vulnerable people, to explain in an accessible way, the importance of voting, registering to vote and choosing the most suitable candidate to represent them.

Gillian encouraged everyone in the room to contact their parliamentary candidates and ask the questions that mattered to them. Members identified challenging questions including “how will my MP ensure my future at Langdon is secure?” and acknowledged cuts to disability benefits. There were also questions about Brexit and Donald Trump. Gillian told the room; “In my opinion, if you don’t vote you lose the chance to represent yourself and other people will make a decision for you”.

Langdon members were then supported to register to vote online.

Gillian said “It was my pleasure to encourage and guide Langdon members to exercise their democratic right to vote. This is a strong group in our community who know what they want and need. I hope that Parliamentary candidates are ready for some searching questions”.

In the run-up to the general election, Langdon will be holding sessions to support members to write to their parliamentary candidates.

On Thursday 8th June Langdon will be organizing group trips to the polling station for its members and support people to complete a form if necessary.

If you need help understanding the election click here: