Langdon College Awards

Posted on: July 26, 2018

On Tuesday 17th July students of Langdon’s London College celebrated learning and academic achievement at the College Awards in Edgware. Leavers of the college had the chance to bid goodbye to the institution that has encouraged and empowered them to achieve their goals.

Members had the opportunity to deliver presentations to peers, parents as well as Langdon staff and trustees including the College Principal Jane Baker, Langdon Foundation CEO Gary Skovron and Chairman Nigel Henry.

The event was a testament to the work that Langdon does and the difference they make in the lives of those living with learning disabilities across London and Manchester.

“I’m so pleased to have attended the Langdon College Awards. To, personally, see how our students have grown in stature and ability, was absolutely terrific.”

Nigel Henry, Langdon Chairman (right)

“Amazing. An opportunity for our members to show all of us how far they’ve come and how much potential they have to go even further”

Langdon CEO, Gary Skovron