Langdon breaks new ground with Social Impact study

Posted on: October 23, 2017

Langdon’s latest Annual Review shows that for every £1 donated, the charity achieves an impact equivalent to £9.05. In a first for a communal charity, Langdon commissioned a report that analyses the social return on investment (SROI) to measure the impact of every pound spent.

Using a methodology standardised by the Cabinet Office, the SROI report recognises that the social benefit does not just apply to the Langdon member but to the other people involved in the member’s life – their parents and siblings – and wider society – local authorities and co-workers.

Langdon partnered with consultant Tim Goodspeed, author
 of the Cabinet Office guide to SROI, and Simetrica, the lead advisor on valuation techniques for the Government. Together, we created a study that, for the first time in the UK, focused on outcomes for people with learning disabilities and their families.

For our Langdon members, we measured the SROI against four outcomes: increased confidence, increased independence, reduced isolation and improved mental health. We also measured SROI amongst Langdon members’ parents and siblings. For example, the ripple effect of Langdon’s services is that parents feel more secure and confident about their child’s welfare, and siblings feel an easing of responsibility for long-term care plans for their brother or sister.