When Daryll was 11 weeks old, a consultant told his parents, “take him home and enjoy him. He won’t live past his third birthday”. Daryll is now 25 years old.

Born with Chronic Epilepsy, Daryll would seizure 30–40 times a day. He was part of the small percentage of people suitable for radical surgery – a Hemispherectomy – the rare procedure where half the brain is removed, disconnected or disabled. Daryll’s parents agreed but were warned he would never walk or talk.

Daryll has defied every expectation. He moved to Langdon College aged 15 and hasn’t looked back.

10 years later he is living in a Langdon supported property, works at Langdon’s online book store, New Chapters, and is in a loving relationship. A huge Chelsea FC fan, Daryll travels to games independently and is happiest surrounded by his many friends.

Langdon continues to be a lifeline for Daryll and his family. Daryll’s mum Lisa says, “Everything they told us he couldn’t do he has done and he just makes us incredibly proud!