Adam was born without an immune system. His only chance of survival was a bone marrow transplant which he received from his sister. Shortly after he suffered a major stroke which damaged three quarters of his brain.

The stroke left Adam paralysed down his right side, with epilepsy and severe learning disabilities. Adam’s mother Shelley explained, “We didn’t think he would walk or talk, as the brain scans showed the damage was irreparable. However, Adam defied every expectation.”

Thanks to Adam’s parents’ tireless efforts to get him special schooling and therapies, Adam developed beyond anybody’s expectations. At 16 he went away to Langdon College in Manchester to start his journey to independence.

5 years later at 21, Adam is still on that journey to independence. He now lives in a Langdon supported house in London with three housemates. He has just completed his Duke of Edinburgh bronze award, loves going to the circus and lives life to the full.

“We didn’t think he would walk or talk... Adam defied every expectation.”

Adam's mother