Each of our volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the organisation, enhancing the service Langdon offers and the lives of the people we support.

We recognise and value the contribution, commitment and participation from our volunteers, which helps us continue our vital work, whether you are supporting Langdon offices, Community or College.

Langdon aims to involve volunteers to:

• Ensure our services meet the needs of our people
• Provide new skills, experiences and perspectives
• Increase our contact with the local community

Langdon’s commitment is to ensure that volunteers are appropriately integrated into the organisation.

Procedures will be in place to enable volunteers to make a tangible contribution that enhances both our people and the work undertaken by our staff.

We encourage volunteers to meet their own goals – whether that’s gaining a sense of fulfilment or promoting personal development. Langdon will look to support this by providing training where appropriate.

Find out more

Contact Elie Levy for information, or click here to see a list of our current volunteering opportunities.

Elie Levy

Volunteer Manager


Langdon is proud to have been awarded the JVN kitemark for Good Practice in Volunteer Management.

This is a recognition of robust processes that result in successful volunteer relationships. Relationships that last longer benefit our volunteers and our members, ensuring a fair approach and equal opportunities for all.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and coordinators for all of your help and hard work.