Become a Patron

Your help and support provides Jewish people with learning disabilities the resources they need to live independent, empowered lives.

What we offer to you

There are numerous benefits to being a patron. Aside from seeing our members grow and succeed, our patrons receive tailored communications, invitations to special events, visits with members to see services and activities, and a biannual newsletter.

We appreciate every donation we receive, but your patronage creates a big impact on each and every Langdon member and their families’ lives. You allow us as an organisation to be creative and innovative in how we help our members. Every penny donated to Langdon helps support our core services that work to develop the skills of our members that enable them to live more independently within the community.

Thank you for working with us to achieve our vision of equality for people with learning disabilities. Together we are bringing in change.

Levels of patronage:

Ebony: £3,000-9,000 per annum

Topaz: £10,000-£24,000 per annum

Platinum: £25,000 or more per annum

By being a patron you will:

Have the opportunity to see our services and meet the staff at the heart of delivering our services.

Receive regular updates on the difference you are making to members.

Be listed, on your approval, on the Patron roll of honour board on our headed paper, annual review, annual dinner brochure and website.

Have the opportunity to invest in new and exciting projects that can be tailored to meet your needs.

For more information and to discuss how we can help in you realise your philanthropic goals, please get in touch with our Major Donor Manager Anna-Maria Mullen. You can contact her directly on 0208 7311305 or you can email her at