We understand that being part of the world of work – or volunteering – can hugely benefit an individual’s self-esteem, confidence and overall independence. People with learning disabilities can often find there to be significant barriers to getting, and keeping, a job.

Through our specialist employment programmes, we help our members to meet and overcome these barriers, to develop their professional skills and thrive in the workplace.

We want our members to have the same opportunities as their peers; to experience the satisfaction that comes from a good day’s work.

For Employers

Langdon appreciates that employers need to be fully supported when employing a Langdon member. We assign an employment co-ordinator who explains what the employer can expect, talks frankly about any concerns and matches employee to employer. The employment co-ordinator will also regularly monitor performance on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, addressing any issues that may arise.

We are always looking for jobs for our members. They are qualified, reliable and work-ready.

In our experience, firms often find that employing an individual from Langdon has the benefit of bringing their team together and boosting morale.

In acknowledgement of the vital role these businesses play in our work, Langdon has created the Employer of the Year Awards so they can receive the recognition they deserve from a wider audience.

Working is important to me because it gives me a purpose in life.

Simon - Langdon member

For Employees

At Langdon we believe everyone has the right to work. Whether they are looking for full, part time paid or voluntary work, we work with our members to help them achieve their goal.

We help them develop new skills to increase their employability, find job vacancies, help with completion of application forms, prepare them for interviews and help them make the transition from benefits to paid employment.

Langdon Employment Programmes

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